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General Questions

What are Crochet Braids?

Crochet braids, also known as latch hook braids, are techniques for braiding hair that involve crocheting synthetic hair extensions to a person's natural hair with a latch hook or crochet hook. ... Known as a protective style, the technique can assist with hair growth if cared for properly.

What is an Extension?

Synthetic or natural hair that is usually clipped or taped in to add volume and length to a person’s real hair.

What is a Weave?

A hairstyle that weaves real or artificial hair into a person’s natural hair to create a thicker, longer, or more glamorous look. A weave is a type of extension.

What is a Closure?

A closure is a circular piece of weft hair, typically used with a full weave to cover all of the wearer’s hair. It’s usually made of silk or lace. A cosmetologist attaches the piece to a cornrow base hide any of the wearer’s real hair.

What is a Frontal?

Made from the same material as a closure, a frontal covers a larger area, usually the front of the hair. It gives a straight ear-to-ear hairline.

What is a Bundle?

A single collection of hair usually amounting to three ounces. Bundles are sold separately or as part of a pack. Full weaves require 2-5 bundles of hair depending on the length of the style selected.

What is Virgin Hair?

In the hair world, virgin refers to a collection of hair taken from a single donor and not chemically processed. All cuticles must be intact and run in the same direction.

What is a Weft?

A bundle of extensions in which individual hair strands are attached to a reinforced stitch. To make this type of hair extension, technicians sew or “weft” bulk hair together into a bundle. A weft can be thin and strong or thick and loose. Some wefts are hand-tied while others are machine-sewn.

What is the difference between machine weft and hand tied weft?

Hand tied wefts are made by tying strands of hair around a strong weaving thread; this process is done by hand. Machine wefts are made by sewing strands of` hair together with a hair sewing machine. Machine weft could be double machine weft or single machine weft, sometimes called thin weft or light weft.

What is the best way to cut a weft?

Hand weft is made to specific lengths as per client requirement. Cutting should be avoided as it will lead to shedding. Machine weft can be cut but it has to be glued again at the edges to make it strong. Consult a professional to help you with the task.

What is Synthetic Hair?

Synthetic Hair is composed of fine plastic fibers, manufactured to look like human hair. In its basic form, synthetic hair is made from low-grade acrylic or polyester that is heated and strung into strands to make individual hair fibers. The strands are then laced or tied into extensions and hairpieces.

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Human hair is exactly that – hair contributed by a human donor. It is soft, feels great, and can easily match your own hair in color and texture. Human hair has more styling options, particularly when using heat. For example, you can wash, dye, and blow dry human hair. You can even flat iron it. Human hair tends toward the pricey side, but as with most beauty products, you get the quality you pay for.

Synthetic hair doesn’t tolerate heat well although its newer forms allow some low-temperature heat. Still, it’s plastic and can melt under intense heat treatment. Often pre-styled, synthetic hair is the right choice for anyone who wants to take it out of the box, put it on, and go. It holds its shape even on muggy, rainy, or hot days, but it isn’t easy to restyle. Synthetic hair doesn’t last as long and tends to get matted or tangled, but you can buy more of it because it’s usually a fraction of the price of human hair.


India Human Hair Questions

What is India Human Hair?

India, a well known country of South Asia is known for its demographic and geographical diversity. South Indian people have a belief of donating their hair in temples as a gesture of love and devotion to their deity. This makes India the only ethical source of Quality Human Hair. 

Can India Human Hair be colored?

Yes. They can be just like your own hair.

What is the difference between Remy Hair and non Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is hair where all cuticles are intact and naturally aligned in one direction from root-to-tip, which prevents matting and tangling. At I Am Covered Hair, we take pride in only offering Remy human hair extensions.

Non-Remy human hair tangles easily because the cuticles are flowing in opposite directions. Unfortunately, a large percentage of hair extensions are made from Non-Remy hair with the vast majority being produced and exported from China.

How should I treat the hair in the morning?

It is recommended that you comb your hair in the morning. If you brush from the ends towards your scalp, part you will prevent excessive pulling and your extensions will last longer.

How should I treat the hair at night?

Make sure your hair is always completely dry when you go to bed. Sleeping on wet hair can tangle your hair and over time may cause hair odor. As long as you never sleep on wet hair, there is nothing to worry about at night.

Is it safe to go swimming with my extensions?

Yes, but you might want to braid your hair or pull it into a ponytail before you go swimming in order to prevent tangling. Wash the hair afterwards and make sure it is well conditioned. We recommend using a spray-in conditioner when you get out of the water to keep the hair soft and manageable.

How long will India Human Hair last?

The longevity of our virgin remy Indian hair depends on how well the hair is maintained. Our hair will last for a long time, and – as with your own hair - will be healthier and stronger when you take good care of it. Due to its natural strength and durability, virgin remy Indian hair will last longer than any other product available in the market of hair extensions.


Wig Questions

Can I sleep in my wig?

We do not recommend sleeping in your wig. The friction against your pillow can cause the wig to tangle and mat and the lifespan of your wig will be lessened significantly. We recommend wearing a soft sleep cap to keep your head warm and comfortable while sleeping.

Can I cut the hair on my wig?

Synthetic wigs come pre-cut and pre-styled. However, many of our customers choose to personalize their wig by having it trimmed or thinned by a professional hair stylist who has experience working with wigs. If your personal hair stylist is comfortable working with wigs, she will be your best option because he or she already knows how your hair is normally worn. Thinning the wig to frame your face shape perfectly or cutting in bangs are options that will customize your look so that your wig fits your individual features. It can add that finishing touch that makes your hairpiece feel just like your own hair. This being said, we don't recommend cutting the wig to drastically change the style as results may not be as expected.

How long does a wig last?

It will vary depending on how you treat your wig, how often you wear it and the kind of material it is made of. With proper care and maintenance your wig can last anywhere from 3 months to a few years. A typical synthetic wig will last between 3 to 6 months if worn daily and washed on a regular basis. Having 2 of the same wig and rotating between them is a good way to prolong the life of your wigs. Washing and styling your wig with the proper products will also help it last longer and keep it looking like new.

What are the different type of hair fibers?

  • Synthetic: Synthetic fibers are more easily cared for and also lower priced. The synthetic fibers can hold a "pre-styled" texture: curly, wavy, or straight. Higher quality synthetic hair wigs are practically impossible to differentiate from human hair. Avoid styling synthetic wigs with heat or chemicals not designed specifically for those fibers.
  • Human Hair: If you want the ultimate in realism, then human hair is just for you. The cost of human hair products can vary from the quality of the fiber. Regular (non-Remy) human hair wigs have cuticles that have been removed. The more luxurious, Remy human hair wigs have all the "Virgin" hair cuticles facing one direction, providing the ultimate in softness and less tangling. The best thing about human hair? You can style it with heat or have your stylist color it!

How to wash a wig?

The first step to washing a wig is to make sure it is detangled. Use a wide tooth comb to get rid of any knots your wig may have. Next you want to pour a cap full of wig shampoo into a large bowl filled with water. Gently swirl your wig in the solution and let it sit in the bowl for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes have passed, rinse your wig until the water runs clear. Wrap your wig in a towel and gently pat dry until all excess water is gone. Finish with a leave in conditioner, focusing most of the product towards the ends as this is where the hair gets the most tangles. Let it air dry on a wig stand.

What's the difference between wigs and hair pieces?

The main difference between wigs and hair pieces is the amount of coverage. Wigs cover the entire scalp. You can put it on as needed, tuck in your hair and go! Style your wig in various ways and add different depth or color as needed. A lace front wig sew-in provides an extremely natural look matching your current hairline making it very hard to detect.

Hair pieces are customized to your hair, filling in thinning and/or balding areas providing a fuller look. The various types depend on the area that you need focus on: hair toppers, hair extensions, hair pieces and volumizers. Hair pieces can be styled with your current hair, come in different thickness and can also be perfectly color matched. In order to obtain a seamless integration, it is important that you select the correct length, and type of hair (curly, straight, wavy) to match yours.


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